Why Hire a Professional Organizer

When it comes to organizing the spaces in your home, your office, or your documents, it can be hard to know where to start. Your home is your sanctuary and it is important that your spaces, your belongings and your processes work for you. Life has many stresses that are sometimes associated with change - moving home, changing relationships, changing jobs and having children. These changes present challenges - including a need to get organized or reorganize.

Professional Organizers can really make the process of getting your space, home, office and things in order much easier and are an invaluable option for many people. Different organizers have different focuses from reorganizing entire homes, helping assist moves and assisting with taming important paperwork.

Here are some different scenarios where people might find major relief from working with a professional organizer.

1. You realize clutter is getting in the way of the vision you have of your life. You feel frustrated, overwhelmed, you don’t know where to start, and it is interfering in your work or relationships. There is plenty of research discussing the effects of clutter on ability to focus and productivity, as well as general peace of mind. Somehow you intuitively know that improving the order in your space will bring the stress level down and allow you to focus on what matters.

2. You are selling your home, and you know that a tidy space is more appealing to buyers and will help make the sale go faster and for a larger value than if you left it as is. Your realtor is asking you to tidy up but that’s the last thing you want to do at this point in time! You need help!

3. You waste time and money looking for things you are sure you own. Everytime you go shopping you stock up on extra toothpaste and tylenol because it’s on sale - yet you bring it home only to find another stash of two open tubes of toothpaste, 3 unopened boxes and plus some travel size ones. You also find more than enough tylenol - including some expired ones. The problem is - when you needed to use these things, you couldn’t remember where you stashed them! You have decided that once and for all, it’s time to get on top of these things!

4. You’re in transition and that transition is bringing challenges. Example - You have just moved in with a new partner and have duplicates of everything, and neither of you is willing to part with your beloved belongings. Example - You’re going to be a new mother with a roomful of new baby equipment, and you have no idea WHAT you’re going to be needing and doing once the bundle of joy arrives. Example - Your children have moved out, you are not moving, but you want to do something new with those empty bedrooms. You’re not sure what to do so you’re looking to bounce your ideas off of an expert.

5. The paper is out of control and it has been for years. There is paper in practically every room, and you’re wondering what happened to the mail from yesterday when you bring in today’s! Even though organizing objects and homes is the general domain of any professional organizer, we are generally also pretty good at identifying which papers to keep, as well as set you up with the details of where to find your files when you need them. If you can’t see your desktop anymore, it’s time.

6. Life is busy and you have more money than time. You could figure out how to get things in order, but frankly it’s just not your jam and you would rather just pay someone and be done with it. Like having the walls painted!

7. Your life is not running so smoothly - and you’re curious about the philosophy of Feng Shui and how it might impact you. You’ve heard some ‘miraculous’ stories that are hard to believe. Perhaps you don’t believe in superstition, but maybe there is something to intentionally space planning in your home. It can’t hurt!

8. There is that one room or area in your home or office that has unfortunately become the dumping ground for everything miscellaneous - and real estate is too expensive to use for collecting the forgotten objects in piles of deteriorating cardboard boxes.

If you resonate with any of the above, give Organized Vancouver a call. We’d love to help! (604) 612-6486.