How do I get on top of my schedule?

So many people struggle with time management despite the millions of blogs, books and magazines providing valuable advice on the topic. We all have cell phones with built in calendars and that doesn’t help everyone. Paper calendars remain an ever present option at the book store, the stationary store, the grocery store, the pharmacy, etc.

Clearly there is something to this. Life is very full. There is no shortage of ways we can spend our time. We get invitations both months in advance and the last minute. There are countless opportunities to go to events. We want to schedule our vacation. So many of these activities overlap in time.

But that’s not all. Life is cyclical - there are repetitive tasks that need doing on a routine basis that can consume so much of our time. There is only so much we can automate and automation requires an upfront time investment of researching and training ways, apps or other people to take these tasks off our plate.

Time management is a skill. Skills require training and practice. No one is born with the knowledge of how to multi-task. Some of us have been lucky enough to have figured it out on our own. Some of us need coaching. Some of us have tried following general advice and have not found it successful. Some people really benefit from creative and unconventional methods to get a handle on time.

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