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Orderly spaces with function & style

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Home Organizing

We will help you to declutter and organize any area of your home and help you learn new habits to stay organized.

Office Organizing

Create a small office or home office that helps you get things done. An orderly office is the foundation of an effective professional. With proper spacial design and a system for managing information, you can be sure you will be more productive.

Time Management

Prepare for success! We have expertise in balancing demands of the corporate world with a rewarding life. Let us coach you to identify your personal priorities, manage your time and help you get the right things done.

About Organized Vancouver

At Organized Vancouver, we are passionate about creating orderly spaces and orderly lives. We specialize in creating both functional and beautiful systems. Whether you need to get a better handle on your living spaces, workspaces, or your time and productivity, we get a thrill when we help others make these changes.

We will help you set priorities for your organization projects. We will organize your home or office either together with you or our organizers can do the work based on your guidelines. Our aim is to help you create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Whether you have a corporate career or work from home, we have the expertise to customize efficient and easy to follow methods for information management, filing systems and time management. We want to see you shine in your home life and at work - allowing you to focus on the things you love to do.

Reimagine your living spaces with ideas, upgrades and improvements that will amaze you.

We guarantee your confiden­tiality.

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